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Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Kay guys!!!! its happening!! im getting me some boobies!! Yesterday I had my pre-op with Dr. Diktaban. I LOVE HIM! hes so sweet, and really knowledgeable. He’s honest with his opinion but also takes into consideration what I want. I showed him some pictures of wish boobies and hes going to base the size off of that. Which makes me alittle nervous that I didnt leave the office knowing what size Im going to be. He explained I cant fixate on the number “cc” but I need to go with what my body will be able to handle. He order sizes 320cc-400cc and is going to make the decision while im in surgery using sizers. IM SO EXCITED! yet nervous at the same time lol. Any tips on what I should stock in my house before surgery?? Ill post some pictures of what I loook like now !

Breast Implants
23 years old 138lbs, 5’4, 415cc HP Silicone Implants

Day 7, feeling better each day. No regrets, would do it all over again. Have my days with pain and walking but all worth it. Now I actually have a bellybutton lol. I was very insecured when it came to beach time or just getting fully naked. This has been one of my best choices , my confidence it back and I feel great! Today I made 11 weeks post op tummy tuck and I am loving my results.

Tummy Tuck
35, 2 C Sections and with a Pouch – New York, NY

I started my research to find the perfect doctor as soon as I got back from my yearly beach vacation. I am in pretty good shape, I exercise and eat right, am at a good weight but I am so unhappy with the belly bulge that no matter what I do doesn’t go away. I had 4 separate consultants with leading plastic surgeons specializing in laser liposuction in NYC. Once I met Dr. Diktaben I knew he was the one. Double Board certified with years of experience. I felt right at ease with him. He has a professional and friendly demeanor and answered all my questions and concerns. He went out of his way to explain the procedure and more than that, his approach to it. Post op I saw results immediately. I had little swelling and bruising. Six months later, everything looks great, but perfectionist that he is, Dr. Diktaben pointed out a little pocket of fat near my belly button and something else I had not noticed before, some lower back fat. He explained that removing it would accentuate my waistline and give me a better contour. Not only was he honest with his opinion, he didn’t charge me for the second procedure. Second Op went great, less pain and quicker recovery. I am ecstatic about the results. My waist is TINI, flat abs, and I have perfect hourglass figure I’ve always wanted. All in all, I lost 4-5 inches on my waist alone. I highly recommend Dr. Diktaben and I also want to mention his super friendly and professional staff.

Laser Liposuction
40 year old, laser lipo of abs, flanks and back

I am in my late 40’s and I work out 3-5 times per week and eat pretty well however with time and gravity I had some areas on my body that just was not responding to diet and exercise. I had a consultation with Dr. Theodore Diktaban and his staff and he did not judge me because I came in with a sheet full of questions. He addressed all of my concerns made me feel comfortable. After the consultation I knew that I wanted him to perform my procedure. I had smartlipo done on my abdomen, outer/inner thighs and my full back. The procedure which I had three weeks ago was done under local anesthesia and except for some minor pain during the procedure I was sleeping most of the time.

Dr. Diktaban’s staff was the greatest they are kind and thoughtful and I felt completely comfortable during the procedure and after the procedure.

I am there weeks post op and still have some swelling but I can see the results in my thighs and my love (hate) handles are gone. I look forward to seeing the full results in the next few months.

Smart Lipo
Needed Lipo in Some Trouble Areas – Commack, NY

I had bags under my eyes and don’t want to have surgery.
I went to Dr.Diktaban and he explained how he can inject my under eye and get rid of the hollowness. I was bruised for a few days which concealer covered and swollen. the results are amazing!!!! I look younger and rested and no more bags. all my friends want to know what I’ve done. I will definitely recommend dr.diktaban. If you have an affair to go to and bruise easily give yourself a week.

Eye Bags Treatment
Liquid Eye Lift – New York, NY

A friend of mine recommended Dr Diktaban and I would tell anyone else not to look any further for a plastic surgeon. Dr Diktaban is a trustworthy and highly skilled professional with an excellent technique and his practice utilizes state of the art technology. He is a warm, personable and respectful caregiver who manages his schedule well and does not keep patients waiting. I was very pleased with the care I received for my rhinoplasty procedure beginning with my first consultation meeting with Dr Diktaban and straight through my last post-op appointment. Everything went very smoothly and each step of the way Dr Diktaban and staff took excellent care of me and made me feel like I was their most important patient. I was very happy with the end results of my procedure and healing process. My post surgical nose is now more proportionate to my face and petite frame but even more importantly, I still recognize myself when I look in the mirror! It was basically these two factors that were most important to me when I made the decision to have rhinoplasty and in selecting Dr Diktaban as my surgeon.

Rhinoplasty in Mid-40’s – New York

I went to get rid of sun spots. It was the best thing I ever did. Not only are they gone my skin looks gorgeous . If I get a pimple it comes right to a head and is gone . I get compliments all the time. I went during lunch was red for a few hrs and that was it. I can’t wait to go back and do my neck and chest .

43 Yr Old – New York

Best bedside manner of any doctor I’ve ever visited. Extremely personable and has a wonderful, calming presence. I had a very simple procedure – removing a cyst from my abdomen. Nevertheless, I was nervous, and the friendly professionalism of his staff as well as Dr. Diktaban’s calm, kind demeanor made all the difference. Incredibly refreshing that his staff was so great and well-organized. I would definitely go back for cosmetic work in the future.

Cyst Removal
Removal of Cyst in Abdomen – New York, NY

I met with dr diktaban on 2/2 i had gotten a free consultation. My breast have been something that have bothered me for a veryyy long time but I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of implants. Any way all of the communication I’ve had with the staff first via phone, email, text then in person on my appt day was incredible they were all so nice and welcoming. As soon as the doctor walked in the room he was cheerful and kind it was as if I was speaking with and old friend I felt as of I’ve known him for years. He explained everything in great detail answered all the questions and concerns I had and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. What I really liked was when I mentioned I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of implants he nodded and didn’t bring it up at all or try to convince me otherwise like some other doctors do. His patient care coordinator is also an absolute doll! On my way out she shook my hand and said “welcome to the family”. She’s even waiting in the office later then usual for my husband to get there to pick up paper work( he’s works late and I can’t get there as I have a small child). I have 110% confident that I am in more then capable hands and will be very well taken care of. From the receptionist to the nurses to the doctor him self you can tell they all really care about you. They truly do make you feel like part of the family! Will post again when procedure is done.

Breast Fat Transfer
Breast Lift with Fat Transfer – Manhattan, NY

As a 47 year old and mother of 3 I decided it was time to do something to make my self feel better. I startTed looking into the bbl procedure, and was very interested in it but hesitant at the same time. After doing plenty of research and visiting different doctors I decided to go with Dr. Theodore DEKTABAN
I am very pleased with my result even though I’m haven’t healed 100%. Can’t wait too see the final result once im completely healed. He was very informative answered all my questions and made me feelaugh comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Brazilian Butt Lift
47 Years Mother of 3, with a Bbl Procedure – Manhattan, NY

My journey began as I started to lose weight in November 2013. I was looking great however, I was very dissatisfied with my profile view. If I was in my car and you looked at my side view, I looked like an overweight woman because of the deposit of fat under my neck. I had two chins. I looked older and bigger than I actually was. So I decided to consult with Dr. Diktaban whom I had seen on an episode of the Doctors. His Madison ave. office is clean and very serene. The staff are friendly and very professional. During my consult Dr. D. felt I’d get the best results from chin lipo and a small chin implant. I had my surgery in April and several months later I could not be happier. People have come up to me telling me I look so much younger and that I’ve lost so much weight (LOL- they can tell by my face). Dr. D. is awesome, very professional, friendly and has a way of making you feel like you are in the right hands. I recommend him highly. I didn’t take any photos of myself before surgery (side view). And I dont know how to black out my face etc.

Chin Implant
49, Looking Lots Younger with Chin Lipo/Chin Implant – New York, NY

Surgeon was GREAT. Made subtle natural changes and was very personable and had amazing bed side manner. I couldn’t have had a better experience. He gave out his cell phone number for patients at all hours if they need to contact him. Additionally, he wanted to do as many follow ups as I wanted even though he was charged one fee. He is not in it for just the money, he is like an artist with your face.

20 Year Old Nose Job – New York

I have known of Dr. Diktaban for a long time. A few of my friends have had surgery and other treatments with him and loved their results. I had a breast augmentation with him and my breasts are AMAZING. He listened to what I wanted, explained my options and what to expect, he was so nice and so warm and my experience was great, and he gave me the result I wanted. I love my new shape! My breast look natural and are the perfect size for my body. M self-confidence is through the roof! Thanks Dr. Diktaban!

Breast Augmentation
Fantastic Results – Manhattan, NY

I’ve always been in relatively good shape however certain areas have been very hard for me to tone. Specifically the flanks (love handles) and stomach which is why surgery felt like the best option.

I went to Dr. Diktaban via a recommendation from a friend and am very happy with my results. I had had consultations with a few physicians before him but I immediatly felt at ease with Dr. Diktaban’s experience, knowledge and demeanor. Some doctors have a tendency to be somewhat business like but I was very comfortable discussing the procedures I was interested in as well as my concerns. I felt that he was honest about what my expectations should be and upfront about possible complications.

It is now six months past my surgery date and I’m surprised at how natural everything looks. The love handles are completely gone and my stomach looks great. I wore a bikini for the first time in two years so I have to give Dr. Diktaban a big thumbs up. I feel like he took the time during the procedure to make sure it was done right and followed up with me to check on my progress afterwards. I have since sent two friends to him for similar surgeries and both are very happy as well.

Fantastic Results on my Abdominal/flanks Liposuction – Manhattan, NY

He was recommended by my friend that did breast Augmentation 15 years ago and still looks amazing so I decided to go with that and do it as well as i had very small breast that I was not comfortable for years. He did amazing job that breast looks perfect size for my tiny body: not too big and not too small. I look great and confident about my look and doctor scheduled me appointments that I would see him in order to see how my healing after operation going. I healed very well and this amazing care of doctor and his follow up that made the healing faster and better! VERY RECOMMENDED !

Breast Augmentation
Did Amazing Job That Fits Perfectly my Body! – Long Island, NY

I was referred to Dr. Diktaben by a friend many years ago and would never consider using another surgeon. He is without a doubt the very best out there! I have had several procedures done by Dr. Diktaben over the years, every one of which was a tremendous success. He is without a doubt an artist and a perfectionist! In addition, his level of concern and his unfailing professionalism is incomparable. He always gives me a thorough explanation of procedures in advance which allows me to have a realistic expectations of what to expect. He is THE BEST!!!!!

Unquestionably Number ONE! – Manhattan, NY

Well like most of the T.T. sisters here my story is about the same. I’m 37 yrs old and a mother of 3, all vaginal births ages 15, 9, 4, whom I titled my baby # last she really did me in at 9lbs. Need I say more my body has never snapped out of her trauma. and while I’m at it I may as well include my bigger baby my husband.. who is very supportive but definitely not happy about it. Well as much as I love them all I’ve found myself always putting me last. So after a long battle with feelings of guilt I’ve decided it’s now or never while I’m healthy but tired of carrying this pouch around.

Tummy Tuck
” OMG” 6 mths P.O. & luving it

Loose skin OMG all set for Dec. 16th 2011 I can’t believe it so, so excited…I have been praying for this for such a long time, and now it is really going to happen, thank you “My Sweet Lord” I pray for the strength and courage for myself and my PS and all his assistant who will be helping me through this..So today I went to drop off paper work to have all my blood work and EKG done.

Tummy Tuck
TT & Lipo Dec 16th 2011

Ok guys, so I am actually having my BBL tomorrow morning (4/29/11) at 8am. I am so nervous now.

I’m 22yrs old and some might think I shouldn’t do this so early, but I have my whole youth to live out and I don’t plan on having children anytime soon. With that being said, I don’t want to spend the next 10yrs of my life (God willing) with a flat ass.

I’m 5’8 and I weight 200lbs I’ve been wanting to lose weight for the longest, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Im tall so I hold the weight well, no one ever believes me when I tell them how much I weigh…anyway, I know with the new look of my body, it’s going to encourage me to get into the gym and work towards a more perfect me.

All the months leading to the BBL I was excited and not even a little afraid or nervous, but 24hrs pre-opt and I feel those butterflies partying in my stomach. I hope everything goes well. I’ll try to take some before pics tonight and upload them, and I will definitely take some after pics to upload. I’ll keep you guys updated through my post-opt journey. Wish me luck!

Brazilian Butt Lift
Kardashian Sister Wannabe – Commack, NY

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