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    Areas Treated for Vampire Facelift

    Below are those areas which are treated for vampire facelift:

    • Fine wrinkles around the eye.
    • Loss of volume around the eye.
    • Looseness in areas surrounding the eyes.
    • Wrinkles around the mouth.
    • Face volume loss.

    vampire facelift treatment

    For rejuvenated, youthful, tightened skin without the downtime associated with a surgical facelift, the Vampire Facelift, medically referred to as
    Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) Therapy is a promising anti-aging treatment to:

    • Improve skin circulation for a rosy, healthy glow
    • Stimulate tissue regeneration
    • Increase Collagen production
    • Smooth out lines and wrinkles
    • Improve skin texture
    • Shrink large pores
    • Reduce acne scarrring
    • Minimal Downtime

    Vampire Facelift 

    The Vampire Facelift is essentially a type of PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy that takes advantage of growth factors found in blood platelets. These growth factors encourage production of collagen as soon as it is injected into the skin. Popular as a facial rejuvenation technique in Europe and Japan since its approval in 2006, PRP is also an important part of medical procedures requiring dynamic tissue healing such as major joint surgery.

    The treatment of vampire facelift NYC at our clinic can be performed by microneedling or injecting the PRP and is designed to non-surgically eliminate wrinkles, improve skin texture, shrink large pores and improve the appearance of various skin imperfections.
    Vampire facelift cost is easily affordable at Laser Klinic.

    What is Involved?

    The Vampire Facelift requires a small amount of blood, specifically the PRP, or platelet rich plasma component of your own blood. Vials are placed in a centrifuge and spun at high speeds. This separates the red cells from plasma which is a yellow liquid.Plasma is key to helping your body heal from wounds. Platelets contain concentrated amounts of proteins that afford amazing healing effects to injured organs, including the skin, the body’s largest organ. When someone receives a PRP treatment, whether by microneedling or injection, the serum immediately starts to promote collagen production and stem cell growth, which encourage the creation of new skin cells at a faster than normal pace.

     Is Micro-Needling painful?

    A generous layer of a topical numbing agent  applied  before the microneedling with PRP treatment begins and prevents the procedure from being truly painful.  Microneedling is the rapid penetration of the skin by 12 very tiny, thin needles that deposit platelet rich plasma into the skin’s dermis. This microneedling action also creates “micro-injuries” which makes the skin think it is suffering an injury. Because the skin wants to initiate repairs as soon as possible, it starts producing new collagen around these microneedling sites, promoting rejuvenation and inducing tightening of loose skin.

     How Long Before the Results of a Vampire Facelift are Visible?

    Some swelling may occur that lasts two to three weeks, after which patients will see much less wrinkling, healthier skin tone and firmer skin. Most people see visible vampire facelift before and after improvement within four weeks and sometimes sooner, depending on the type of skin condition being treated. In addition, skin becomes more radiant and luminescent as pores shrink and the skin’s matrix tightens to create smoother, younger-looking skin.

    Raves from Hollywood for the Vampire Face Lift

    Bar-Rafaeli-Vampire-Facelift-150×150.png ¬
    Fashion model Bar Refaeli recently shared her experience with the Vampire Facelift procedure by posting an in-progress “selfie”on Instagram
    Kim-Kardashian-Vampire-Facelift-150×150.png ¬
    A recent airing of Kim Kardashian’s popular reality showed Kim receiving a microneedling with PRP treatment.

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