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TITAN Skin Tightening

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    Cutera TITAN Skin Tightening TITAN Skin Tightening New York

    Minimal Discomfort
    No Downtime
    Immediate Visible Results
    Continued Improvement Over Time
    Successful Treatment of Face and Body
    Proven, Established Treatment
    Safe, Reproducible Results
    Avoid Time, Expense and Risks of Surgery
    High Patient Satisfaction

    Titan appeals to patients who want skin tightening, but do not want or need a surgical lift.

    We recommend a series of three Titan skin tightening treatments. Ideally, these are spaced three to six weeks apart to optimize the repair process that leads to the formation of new collagen. After each treatment, it is common for results to literally build over the course of three to six months.

    The risk-benefit ratio is the most compelling aspect of Titan. We explain to our patients that the results will not necessarily be dramatic by surgical standards but that typically Titan promotes a more refreshed, fit look, with no untoward results and no deterrence due to pain or downtime. Our number one concern is always safety, and our patients have not experienced even the most superficial of adverse changes.

    Titan Results

    Virtually everyone benefits from Titan. Eight out of ten patients get noticeable improvement in skin laxity after just their fi rst treatment, and ten out of ten will be putting collagen “in the bank” for the future. The importance of collagen enhancement can’t be overestimated, since the destruction of collagen is at the root of skin aging. Even surgery doesn’t impact the mid-face too dramatically, yet with Titan we can smoothm jowling and crepe paper skin and signifi cantly reduce prominent nasolabial folds. It is also important to note that although the majority of our patients observe immediate tightening, they also realize delayed tightening over the course of six months. Therefore, we like to schedule follow-up visits three and six months after completion of the treatment series to assess the ultimate result.


    One of the most important things to know about Titan is that there is outstanding patient satisfaction with mild to moderate improvement in laxity. This is undoubtedly because the frustration with lax skin reaches beyond the subpopulation considering surgery. Just a few years ago, the choices were fairly black and white: surgery or sagging. Now, with Titan we can offer patients the prospect of more defined cheek bones, a sleeker jaw line, and a more open expression in the brow area. Check out noticeable results of titan skin tightening before and after photos at our website.

    Titan skin tightening cost is affordable for you.
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