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    What is Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal is the non-invasive procedure that uses laser energy to reduce the growth of unwanted hair permanently for a long time period. The treatment of Laser Hair Removal is particularly designed that safely removes the unwanted hair from different parts of the body. As the laser energy targets the hair follicles when they are in a growth phase so multiple treatment sessions are needed to destroy all the hair follicles that enter the growth phase at their different times. During the consultation, the specialist advises the required number of the treatment sessions according to your specific conditions that are needed to achieve the optimal results.

    What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

    Some of the benefits of Laser Hair Removal include:

    • FDA approved technology for permanent hair reduction
    • No downtime
    • Safe procedure for all skin types
    • Treats large areas of body effectively and quickly
    • Affordable cost of Laser Hair Removal
    • Less pain and discomfort as compared to other traditional hair removal methods


    Both men and women are using Laser Hair Removal to remove unwanted facial and body hair. They no longer need to bear the pain of waxing, razors or electrolysis as Laser Hair Removal provides the best alternative for these hair removal methods.

    Laser Hair Removal FAQs

    How does the Laser Hair Removal technology work?

    The system used in Laser Hair Removal emits low-level infrared laser light that targets the pigment located in the hair follicle and destroys it. The laser light is pulsed which means that the handpiece used for emitting it, is turned on just for a fraction of a second and this duration of each pulse is enough to destroy the hair follicle. It leads to effective and permanent removal of unwanted hair.

    What does the procedure of Laser Hair Removal feel like?

    During the procedure, the handpiece gives a cooling and soothing sensation as it moves along the targeted skin. Some patients feel slight stinging or pinching when a pulse of laser is delivered to their skin. Although the procedure doesn’t require local anesthesia or any pain medication, some patients want to use a topical anesthetic for treatment of sensitive areas of the body.

    What to expect after the treatment of Laser Hair Removal?

    The recovery time of the Laser Hair Removal treatment is less and you can easily return to your daily routine activities following the treatment.  Immediately, after the procedure, mild redness and swelling occur on the treated area but it only lasts for few hours. You may use sunscreen if the treatment area needs to get sun exposure or you may also use a skin care product that is specifically prepared according to your skin type. After 3-7 days of the treatment, you may notice some hair on the treated area but these will shed away within few days and do not re-grow again. It is recommended not to use wax or pluck hair between the treatment sessions but you can shave your hair.

    Are there any side effects of Laser Hair Removal?

    There are few side effects of the treatment, which include slight redness and swelling of the treated area but these can last for few hours or less. Rarely, blistering may occur after the hair removal.

    What are the treatment areas of Laser Hair Removal?

    Laser Hair Removal is used to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body; some common treatment areas include the face, arms, underarms, legs, and back. It is also used for sensitive areas of the body such as chest, bikini line, and nipples.

    How much treatment sessions of Laser Hair Removal needed?

    Typically, most of the areas need 3-6 treatment sessions. But, the number of treatment sessions depends on various factors which include the thickness of hair, the treated area and the growth cycle of hair. There are three phases of hair growth cycle: growth phase, regression phase, and a resting phase. An important point to consider here is that not all hairs grow at same time in the growth phase. Laser Hair Removal targets and destroys the hair follicles when they are active only in the growth phase. All the hairs enter into growth phase at their different timings so additional treatments are necessary to damage all the hair follicles of the treatment area.

    Does the treatment of Laser Hair Removal works effectively on tanned or different skin colors?

    Laser Hair Removal works on all types of skin (as per Fitzpatrick skin types scale) including tanned skin in safe and effective manner. For the treatment of dark skin types, the fluences are kept lowered and the pulse widths are kept longer to prevent any damage to the epidermis layer. The appropriate use of the treatment parameters is essential to get the benefits of Laser Hair Removal for all types of skin.

    How does Laser Hair Removal differ from other traditional hair removal methods?

    The traditional methods of hair removal such as waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams remove unwanted hair temporarily so you have to repeat them at regular intervals to get the desired results while they also don’t successfully remove ingrown hairs. On the other hand, Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces the growth of unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicle and it also treats ingrown hairs while giving you long-lasting results. The traditional methods of hair removal are painful and give you discomfort while Laser Hair Removal is minimally invasive, safe, a comfortable method that is speedy and accurate and has a minimal risk of skin irritation and infection.

    What is the difference between Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis?

    Electrolysis is another method for hair removal but it is an invasive, slow and painful procedure in which an electric charge is delivered to each individual hair follicle at one time through inserted needle. That is why the process of electrolysis requires many treatment sessions for years at regular intervals. On the other hand, Laser Hair Removal directs laser energy to a large number of hair follicles at one time to a large surface of targeted area and treats it within seconds. Moreover, Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive and safe method that requires no needles or incisions, therefore reducing the risk of bacterial infection on the treatment area.

    Why should you prefer LaserKlinic’s Laser Hair Removal system over the other Laser Hair Removal systems?

    Laser Klinic offers several best Laser Hair Removal systems in Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island, NYC that uses the latest technology and the most widely used systems are Candela GentleYag and Candela GentleLase. Both these systems possess all the basic parameters such as wavelength, pulse width, fluence, and an active cooling system for epidermis that are ideally appropriate for Laser Hair Removal. The LaserKlinic’s Laser Hair Removal systems are FDA approved for a permanent reduction of the hair. Our Laser Hair Removal systems safely and effectively treat men and women of all the types and tones of skin, even those people who have sun-tanning. These Laser Hair Removal systems have the latest technology that made them to rapidly treat large targeted areas and they are so much adjustable that they can effectively and easily treat fine hair on woman’s upper lips likewise coarse hair on man’s back.  The customized active cooling system increases the comfort of the patient and reduces the risk of adverse skin reaction that commonly occurs with other types of laser systems. Innovatively designed with a longer wavelength, our Laser Hair Removal systems give you permanent, long-lasting and successful results that you truly deserve.

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