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Laser acne treatment

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    Laser Klinic is proud to offer the most advanced, safe and effective laser acne treatments that truly give you clear spotless skin.

    Smoothbeam is the advance non-ablative laser technology that works for multiple acne problems including active acne, acne scarring and loss of collagen. Smoothbeam is the safest, comfortable and a quick laser acne treatment that reduces active acne, acne scarring and reverses the loss of collagen which occurs due to aging. These non-invasive treatments stimulate the body’s natural process of building up collagen that helps in treating the acne scarring.

    Treatment For Acne Scarring With Smoothbeam Laser

    The Smoothbeam laser energy triggers the production of new collagen that fills in and softens the acne scars “from the inside out” and also lifts up the depressions which these scars cause.

    Smoothbeam is the latest non-ablative laser which means it is a non-invasive laser that doesn’t cause any burn, remove or cut the surface of the treated skin. Instead, it works beneath the outer layer of the skin and as its action occurs at the deep level of the skin surface, the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. The laser technology stimulates the collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin through its thermal beam and the scars gradually fill up by the collagen. These innovative features of Smoothbeam make it one of the best acne laser treatments in NYC.

    The treatment of Smoothbeam involves a revolutionary procedure which is performed with DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device), a device that cools the treated area of skin with cryogen spray and it protects the epidermis. Immediately, after this process, the laser beam is directed at the treated area which targets deep layers of skin. This combined effect of cooling and heating performs two essential functions: protects the outer skin layer and allows the heat to stimulate the collagen in the deep skin layers.  As a result of collagen production, the acne scars fill up from inside out. For collagen production and minimizing scars, multiple treatment sessions are needed.

    Treatment For Active Acne With Smoothbeam Acne Laser Treatment NYC

    Smoothbeam laser also reduces the appearance of active acne by altering the function of the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands in the skin). The result of this treatment is so effective that it prevents acne scarring to occur in the future.

    It has been observed in clinical trials that for 98% patients, the back acne lesions got cleared after 4 treatments and also they didn’t get any acne for 6 months after the first laser acne treatment. The results may vary according to individual patient’s conditions, so you must discuss your goals and expectations with our certified laser specialists before getting the laser treatment for acne. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the location of acne and the expected results of the patient.

    Treatment For Fine Wrinkles and Skin Renewal With Smoothbeam

    When the areas on our skin lose their collagen and elasticity, wrinkling occurs. Smoothbeam laser technology treats these wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and improving elastic capabilities of the skin and both these functions fill up the treated wrinkled areas. The results are dynamic with improved skin tone and texture, firmer and smoother skin.

    Fine Wrinkle Reduction

    Fine Wrinkle Reduction

    How Smoothbeam works?

    Smoothbeam has patented LASR™ (laser assisted skin renewal) procedure that provides a complete skin renewal with the two innovative functions:

    • A gentle pulse of laser that reduces active acne, acne scars, and wrinkles by stimulating new collagen production beneath the surface of the skin.
    • Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) is used to spray cryogen before, during and after the laser energy that cools and protects the upper layer of the skin. The procedure of Smoothbeam is quick as every pulse cycle of cooling and heating occurs just for a second.
    Step 1
    Step 1

    DCD first cools and protects the epidermis before the laser is fired. Automated DCD pulsing continuously cools and protects the epidermis during and after laser acne exposure

    Step 2
    Step 2

    Smoothbeam’s 1450 nm wavelength heats water and “damages” collagen in the upper dermis without affecting the epidermis, which is cooled and protected by the DCD

    Step 2 continued
    Step 2 continued

    DCD localizes heat deposition to the upper dermis, closer to the surface, for more visible results.

    Step 2 continued
    Step 2 continued

    Smoothbeam’s extended laser pulse exposure provides gentle uniform heating of the dermis.

    Step 3
    Step 3

    The body’s natural healing response initiates collagen remodeling and deposition of new, organized collagen

    What is the time duration of Smoothbeam laser treatment?

    One treatment session of Smootbeam laser acne treatment usually takes 10-30 minutes and so it is called as “lunchtime procedure”. After the treatment, you can easily resume your work or do any other activity or go anywhere and anyone wouldn’t know that you have had the acne laser treatment.  The number of treatment sessions and the intervals of sessions vary depending on the individual patient’s severity of the condition and the desired results.

    What to expect during the procedure?

    At first, the doctor and the patient wear safety glasses for protecting the eyes during the NYC laser treatment for acne. After that, the doctor uses a handpiece containing a probe that touches the targeted skin and delivers laser pulse. During every laser pulse, you feel as a light cooling spray is directed on your skin.

    Is the procedure painful?

    Although the dynamic cooling device involved in the procedure is very effective, the majority of patients experience a very mild or little stinging or snapping sensation. Also, as individual conditions vary so some patients may need a topical anesthetic to avoid pain if they wish.

    How long before the patient sees the results?

    The results vary from patient to patient because the number of treatment sessions differs according to the anatomical location and the extent of the expected results.

    What precautionary measures a patient should take before and after the treatment?

    Before the treatment, avoid sun exposure for about 4-6 weeks and same care should be taken after the treatment as per doctor’s recommendations. In first few days after the laser acne treatment, the patient should avoid rinsing or scrub the treated skin with abrasive skin cleansers.

    Are there any side effects of the Smoothbeam laser treatment?

    Usually, the treatment has a very low risk of any side effect. But, more aggressive treatments have some side effects that include skin reddening and discoloration which is temporary. While some patients may have pigment changes in their skin color but the skin will return to normal with the passage of time.

    Remember, that Smoothbeam is non-ablative laser technology which is non-invasive and so it does not burn the treated skin or make any cut or remove the skin surface. Therefore, it is completely safe and comfortable treatment.

    During the initial consultation, Laser Klinic’s certified laser specialists tailor the best laser acne treatment plan for you according to your skin condition and desired goals. Our acne laser treatment cost is easily affordable by the patients living in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. Schedule a free consultation by contacting us for Manhattan Laser Acne Treatment, Queens Laser Acne Treatment, or Long Island Laser Acne Treatment.

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