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    Fat Transfer Surgery

    The fat transfer surgery is also called as fat grafting or fat injections. During the procedure of fat transfer, the fat is taken from those areas of your body that have excess fatty deposits such as outer thighs and abdomen and this fat is then injected into volume-deficient areas such as the face, hands, breasts or buttocks. Fat grafting is a safe procedure that produces long-lasting and natural-looking results. That is the reason, the majority of people are undergoing fat transfer in NYC every year to enhance their self-confidence and they are satisfied with the dramatic results.


    When can you consider for fat transfer treatment?

    • You can consider for fat transfer treatment if there are areas on your face that appear as sunken or creased.
    • If you want to improve the appearance of scars or fill up the depressions on the body or improve overall body contours or rejuvenate the volume lacking hands then you can undergo fat grafting.
    • You can also have fat transfer if you want to hide the visible signs of breast implant or to fill in any irregularity or wish to have breast reconstruction.
    • You can also consider a fat transfer if you want more permanent results than those provided by temporary fillers.

    What are the pros and cons of fat transfer surgery?

    Following are the top three pros and cons of fat transfer that you can evaluate while considering the procedure:


    • Fat transfer surgery is a non-invasive procedure that rejuvenates the underlying treated area of the body.
    • Fat from your own body (autologous fat) is used in the procedure, unlike dermal fillers, and it reduces the risk of side effects including an allergic reaction.
    • The results are natural, consistent and long-lasting.


    • Fat grafting is a time-consuming procedure that involves taking fat tissue from donor area then preparing it before transferring it to the volume-lacking area. On the other hand, dermal fillers require less time.
    • For breast or buttock augmentation, multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve the desired results.
    • The fat transfer is costly as compared to the dermal fillers. But, Laser Klinic’s fat transfer surgery cost is easily affordable by all the patients.

    Who are the ideal candidates for fat transfer?

    The main purpose of the fat transfer is to augment the volume-deficient areas of the body by transferring fat from donor areas. The common treatment areas include the face, hands, any depression in the skin (made after getting scarring or liposuction) and breasts and buttocks. Secondly, an ideal candidate should have donor sites on the body from where the fat can be taken. Moreover, the candidate should not have any blood circulation problems caused by any medical condition or by smoking.

    Fat transfer on the face:

    If you have laugh lines, crow’s feet, acne scars or any sunken area on your lips or cheeks or any other creases then these all can be filled in with injecting the fat taken from excess fatty areas of the body. The fat grafting procedure is also used to reduce forehead wrinkles, lines between the nose and the mouth and also correct other skin depressions.

    Breast augmentation:

    If you want a moderate increase in the size of breasts then you’re an ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation in NYC, but you should have good skin tone and nice shape of your breasts. If you have sagging breasts, poor skin tone and want to have a significant increase in your breasts size, you’re not an ideal candidate for a fat transfer treatment.

    Breast implant with fat transfer:

    If you have breast shape irregularities after undergoing a breast implant treatment, fat grafting can be used to fill these irregularities with fat that gives the finest shape and a smooth contour.

    Buttock augmentation with fat transfer:

    If you want fuller and rounded buttocks, you can consider Brazilian Butt Lift procedure that involves fat transfer to give a curvaceous shape to the buttocks without the use of the implant. At the same time, liposuction can be done to collect autologous fat and to sculpt the surrounding areas. The Laser Klinic’s fat transfer to buttocks cost is reasonable.

    Hand rejuvenation with fat transfer:

    The fat transfer procedure for your hand’s rejuvenation effectively fills up the volume to the hands, plump up the wrinkled areas, cover the underlying vessels, tendons and improve the skin tone moplay review with the time.

    In short, if you are in good health, have a positive approach, realistic expectations and carefully consider all the above-mentioned factors involve in fat transfer procedure, you are probably an ideal candidate for fat transfer.

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