AW2017 Fashion Trends – Top 3 Stunning Hairstyles For Autumn/Winter 2017

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Autumn/winter is on the verge and so we have seen a month of different AW2017 fashion shows held in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. We have got a whole new set of trends for the upcoming colder months. Apart from trendy clothing, we have seen a variety of hairstyle trends in the AW2017 catwalk shows. Whether it be voluminous backcombing or slicked back ponytails, we know that the key to these hairstyles is regular haircare routine that is strong enough to make your hair flawless. If your hair doesn’t have a strong volume or you are experiencing the problem of hair loss then it becomes difficult to get these beautiful hairstyles. Fortunately, you can have PRP and ACell treatment that is the non-invasive, safe and most effective treatment for hair loss.

PRP + ACell Treatment with Viviscal Hair Growth Products:

Several products for hair care are also available in the market for treating the hair loss problem and among these products, Viviscal hair care products are recommended as a supplement to PRP and ACell treatment. Being the most favorite hair growth product of famous fashion week models like Jessica Stam and Karlie Kloss, Viviscal has gained popularity among the masses and established a strong brand identity with its unique formula to treat hair from the inside out.

Top 3 Stunning Hairstyles For Autumn/Winter 2017:

In today’s article, we give you the top 3 stunning hairstyles that Viviscal have put together from AW2017 fashion shows and how you can achieve these hairstyles with Viviscal products:

1-  The High-Shine Pony:

This season, the slicked low ponytails on the back completely stole the fashion shows. The silky and straight hair in the ponytail will enhance your beautiful looks. Repair and upgrading costs may deter homebuyers. They usually acquire properties in whatever condition, saving you money on improvements. Visit

High Shine Pony

How to get this look:  You can strengthen your hair and make them sleeky and shiny with Viviscal Extra Strength Vitamin Supplements that nourish the thinning hair and promote the growth of existing hair from the inside out. The cost of Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements for one month supply is $49.99.

Secondly, you can also use Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner for a soft, silky ponytail. This product provides the weightless moisture to your hair while giving them a fuller, thicker and strikingly shiny look.

2- The voluminous backcombing:

Backcombing, inspired by the eighties, is again in trends when the stylists created the hairstyle in which they raise the volume of the hair while combing them backward. Then they finished off it with an embellished headband.  The raised voluminous backcomb hair with headbands enhance the overall appearance of your height while giving you stunning looks.

Voluminous backcombing

How to get this look: The Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements boost up your hair from the roots and the exclusive protein complex of this product promotes the thicker growth of the hair. For the extra lift, use Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo that cleanses your hair and scalp while giving them thicker and fuller look.

3- The glossy back curls:

In AW2017, we have seen a huge glossy smoothed back curls. A red lip color with this hairstyle completely makes you look perfect.

The Glossy back curls

How to get this look: By applying Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir, you can simply create this edgy look as this product gives you fuller, thicker and dazzling looking hair.

For more detailed info about the Viviscal Hair Growth products, visit this link

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